Midwest Scaffold Service Now Offering Fraco Units

We are pleased to announced that we recently signed a deal to be an exclusive provider of Fraco  work platforms. If you’ve never heard of Fraco, they’re an innovative work platform that complements the scaffolding industry.


Fraco is a Canadian manufacturer of mast guided access equipment. Its range of products includes work platforms, construction elevators, industrial lifts, material only hoists and transport platforms.

Established in 1991, Fraco is one of the early pioneers in the North American mast climbing industry. Those years of experience have led Fraco to develop a high level of flexible quality products and an expertise that exceeds our clients expectations throughout the marketplace. Constant innovation and close customer relationships have cemented Fraco’s reputation as a leader in the North American mast climbing industry. Our manufacturing presence in other international markets expands this footprint to a global level.

Originally conceived with mason’s needs in mind, Fraco’s range of equipment has evolved and now finds itself key to numerous other sectors of the construction industry (residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, etc.). Other non-building sectors such as power generation, infrastructures, and mining are also targeted. Fraco’s equipment is offered to general and specialized contractors through our broad distribution network.


Please feel free to visit their website at If you need anything that we don’t currently offer,  we are happy to get it for you. Just give us a call at (402) 597-9100.